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However, No10 yesterday insisted the former Army officer "misspoke".
"I misspoke about Trump calling for an extermination of Latinos.
'We didn't receive any reply from Dr Asri's office whether to show an amendment, apology, misspoke, or that he did not mean so, we did not receive any response at all from Dr Asri,' he said of the two legal letters.
I'm told she later apologised, explaining that she had "misspoke" because she was "very, very tired."
Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said: "I've seen some nonsense that I 'misspoke' earlier on a public vote.
Angela Smith said she was "very sorry" for any offence caused after she "misspoke" during a TV interview.
The councilman did later tweet that he "misspoke" by referring to Johnson as being married.
Though Bane did make the claim at the end of that documentary, I believe he misspoke.
An exuberant Bruno got so carried away in his praise of the fan favourites that he accidentally misspoke - and the result was hilarious.
His latest feeble excuse, saying that he 'misspoke' in his meeting with Vladimir Putin, is pathetic and confirms what we already know, he is a bullying bare-faced liar unfit to be leader of the western world.
However, on Tuesday, Trump claimed that he misspoke on the issue.
Trump later stated on Tuesday that he misspoke, meaning to say he didn't see why it "wouldn't" be the Russians, instead of why it "would be".