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or mis·sis (mĭs′ĭz, -ĭs)
1. The mistress of a household. Often used with the.
2. Informal One's wife or girlfriend. Often used with the: Tell the missus I said hello.

[Alteration of mistress.]


(ˈmɪsɪz; -ɪs) or


1. the missus informal one's wife or the wife of the person addressed or referred to
2. an informal term of address for a woman
[C19: spoken version of Mistress]


or mis•sus

(ˈmɪs əz, -əs)

1. Informal. wife.
2. the mistress of a household.
[1780–90; assimilated pronoun of mistress]
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Noun1.missus - informal term of address for someone's wifemissus - informal term of address for someone's wife
married woman, wife - a married woman; a man's partner in marriage


missis [ˈmɪsɪs ˈmɪsɪz] n
(= wife) my missus, the missus → bobonne f
I'm going to do a bit of shopping for the missus → Je vais faire quelques courses pour bobonne.
thanks, missus → merci M'dame Miss World nMiss monde f


[ˈmɪsɪz] n (fam)
a. the missus (wife) → mia moglie
how's your missus? → come sta tua moglie?
b. (Brit) (term of addresss) → signora
References in classic literature ?
'Why - there's awmost nobbody but has their troubles, missus.' He answered evasively, because the old woman appeared to take it for granted that he would be very happy indeed, and he had not the heart to disappoint her.
"Yes, sir, every evening; she's my eldest, and three nods from her means that the missus is a little better."
That the street held he should get away from the club before two in the morning, for his missus needed him more than the club needed him.
"I drove home, got in the house, the kids were still up so the missus was going mad," Monk said.
My missus found a vegan restaurant in Middlesbrough called The Green Room.
Barton's 'missus' Georgia McNeil juggles caring for their baby son Penn, who was born in June, with looking after their two other children - Cassius (six) and Pieta (four).
'Present and past; si misis at si muntik na pero ayaw ni Lord maging misis (the missus and the almost missus that the Lord didn't want to be the missus).
Lambourn James Burn The Missus 3.40 Stratford, nap Capable mare can be forgiven her latest effort after a long return and can go well on favoured decent ground.
She claimed the dummy then was put down Mr Sampson's trousers and said "why don't you come and have a feel at this, missus?" But Mr Sampson said that the incident could not possibly have occurred because Grisweld cannot speak and would not fit down his trousers.
The slight drop in class will assist my fancy, who has already won at this level again at The Curragh in May and I also think she may just have run out of petrol over 10 furlongs on her last start (the horse, not my missus).
KEITH CARTER is an awardwinning "I have creative integrity," I tell my missus after I get off the phone from my agent.