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adj. mist·i·er, mist·i·est
1. Consisting of or marked by mist: a misty rain; a misty night.
2. Obscured or clouded by or as if by mist: far-off, misty mountains.
a. Vague; hazy: a misty recollection of a dream.
b. Full of tender emotion; sentimental: a love story that left us feeling misty and sad.

mist′i·ly adv.
mist′i·ness n.
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Noun1.mistiness - cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapormistiness - cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapor
murkiness, cloudiness, muddiness - the quality of being cloudy
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òokukennt ástand
sisli olma


(mist) noun
a cloud of moisture in the air but very close to the ground, which makes it difficult to see any distance. The hills are covered in thick mist.
ˈmistily adverb
ˈmisty adjective
ˈmistiness noun
mist over/up
to become covered (as if) with mist. The mirror misted over; The windscreen misted up.
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References in classic literature ?
It is true that I have never cared greatly for 'On the Heights,' which in its dealing with royalties seems too far aloof from the ordinary human life, and which on the moral side finally fades out into a German mistiness. But I speak of it with the imperfect knowledge of one who was never able to read it quite through, and I have really no right to speak of it.
There was no soft blending, or kind obscurity, or elusive mistiness in that searching glitter.
Through this low-lit mistiness Tess walked leisurely along.
As the evening fell it began to get very cold, and the growing twilight seemed to merge into one dark mistiness the gloom of the trees, oak, beech, and pine, though in the valleys which ran deep between the spurs of the hills, as we ascended through the Pass, the dark firs stood out here and there against the background of late-lying snow.
There is a mistiness and a chord vibrating in the mist.
So suddenly seen in the blue plain of the sea, and relieved against the still bluer margin of the sky, the spray that he raised, for the moment, intolerably glittered and glared like a glacier; and stood there gradually fading and fading away from its first sparkling intensity, to the dim mistiness of an advancing shower in a vale.
"It just means there's a warm front going through during the mornings, and it's responsible for the mistiness and fog.
In contrast to the temporal progression of Watt's model, this atmospheric perception is immediate, striking "instantly." And while Watt's examples emphasize the mistiness of early impressions that only later open onto lucidity, this moment is notable for the clarity suggested by language such as "pierced" and "sharp" as well as the bull's-eye precision of "flying straight to the very heart." This is one of several moments in the text in which the sense of a mood in the air is not subtle but overwhelming.
Aubyn's writing has a lavishness that still retains precision--he never allows mistiness to descend on his metaphors, however extended." ANNALISA QUINN
Irish raider MISTINESS (8.00) can raise the roof in the Building Craftsmen Dumfries Handicap.