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tr.v. mis·treat·ed, mis·treat·ing, mis·treats
To treat roughly or wrongly. See Synonyms at abuse.

mis·treat′ment n.
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Adj.1.mistreated - subjected to cruel treatment; "an abused wife"
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Ikeega tore her hair and put soot of the seal-oil on her face in token of her grief; and the women assailed the men with bitter words in that they had mistreated the boy and sent him to his death; and the men made no answer, preparing to go in search of the body when the storm abated.
Summary: The individual claimed that the police mistreated him in a video posted on social media.
Instead of PLWDs getting their 30 per cent share in government, they were being mistreated by only being awarded three per cent,'' Inimah said.
Global Banking News-August 28, 2017--Leaked FCA report says RBS mistreated clients
As per SpiceJet at no point Bagri was manhandled or mistreated and SpiceJet women staff assisted her out.
Summary: Government worried over the elderly being mistreated by their families
Jackson maintains that he was mistreated during this custody by being held incommunicado and without food for several days.
It's not just the four dogs on the Government's banned list, if any dog is mistreated it can develop completely different character traits.
Ombudsman Ixhet Mehmeti alarmed that the arrested prisoners from the terrorist group in Kumanovo are mistreated and abused.
THREE care home workers have been arrested amid claims they mistreated and abused elderly residents.
TRAGEDY EU observers 'not mistreated' EIGHT European military observers held prisoner by pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine were marched out under armed guard to give public assurances that they were not being mistreated.
Medina Agraw Siraj, who only came to Bahrain four months ago, claimed she had been mistreated by her employer and wanted to return home.