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 (mĭs-yo͞o′sĭj, -zĭj)
1. Abusive treatment.
2. Improper application, as of words.
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(mɪsˈyu sɪdʒ, -zɪdʒ)

1. incorrect or improper usage, as of words.
2. bad or abusive treatment.
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Physically harmful treatment:
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Furthermore, the concerned authorities have been asked to provide details of the former heads of state's foreign tours and illegal camp officers and misusage of state-owned aircraft.
The currency of Pakistan has been moving downward day by day due to the political instability and the misusage of resources by the public.
The legislators could be summoned by the investigators for probing into misusage of developments funds for transacting through fake bank accounts.
Stating that "the appeals court vacated a lower court's ruling that EWTN had to comply with the Obama administration-era mandate to cover contraceptives and abortifacients for employees or pay huge fines," these articles misuse the word "abortifacients" in the same way as Justice Brett Kavanaugh did during his confirmation hearings--a misusage for which he was widely criticized.
Abraaj Group, the Middle East's largest buyout firm, has been facing various allegations concerning the misusage of money, which resulted in splitting the group's investment management business and holding company.
The charger enables its operations only when the correct battery pack is connected, which eliminates the misusage of chargers with wrong battery specifications.
Binay pointed out SSS has failed to deliver financial security to its members due to perennial misusage of the state pension fund.
All states are suffering from opioid misuse, and for some states where tight labor markets intersect with higher opiate misusage rates, it is suggested that similar GSP loss analyses could be assessed to help leaders there better understand the scope of the crisis from an economic lens.
In the end, it is worth noting that despite gainful role played by SEZs worldwide, in some countries the zones have been criticized for being less legal and socially protective for workers, misusage of allotted land for real estate speculation and tax evasion.
Regarding uncertainty about partners' behavior is perceived a light a tendency to believing that there is misusage of intellectual-property processes, but it wouldn't be a limitation in decision-making.