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tr.v. mit·i·gat·ed, mit·i·gat·ing, mit·i·gates
1. To make less severe or intense; moderate or alleviate. See Synonyms at relieve.
2. To make alterations to (land) to make it less polluted or more hospitable to wildlife.
Phrasal Verb:
mitigate against Usage Problem
1. To take measures to moderate or alleviate (something).
2. To be a strong factor against (someone or something); hinder or prevent.

[Middle English mitigaten, from Latin mītigāre, mītigāt- : mītis, soft + agere, to drive, do; see act.]

mit′i·ga·ble (-gə-bəl) adj.
mit′i·ga′tion n.
mit′i·ga′tive, mit′i·ga·to′ry (-gə-tôr′ē) adj.
mit′i·ga′tor n.
Usage Note: Mitigate, meaning "to make less severe, alleviate" is sometimes used where militate, which means "to cause a change," might be expected. The confusion arises when the subject of mitigate is an impersonal factor or influence, and the verb is followed by the preposition against, so the meaning of the phrase is something like "to be a powerful factor against" or "to hinder or prevent," as in His relative youth might mitigate against him in a national election. Some 70 percent of the Usage Panel rejected this usage of mitigate against in our 2009 survey. Some 56 percent also rejected the intransitive use of mitigate meaning "to take action to alleviate something undesirable," in What steps can the town take to mitigate against damage from coastal storms? Perhaps the use with against in the one instance has soured Panelists on its use in the other. This intransitive use is relatively recent in comparison with the long-established transitive use, so novelty might play a role as well.
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Adj.1.mitigable - capable of being alleviated
placable - easily calmed or pacified
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Este planteamiento se evidencio en Moravia donde las personas que se instalaron se adaptaron a las condiciones sociales y ambientales del lugar, satisfaciendo la necesidad basica de vivienda sin tener en cuenta las condiciones de riesgo ambiental no mitigable a las que podian estar expuestos.
Thus, identification of common and potentially mitigable environmental determinants of leukocyte number and activation may reveal new features of human leukocyte biology and may also suggest potential strategies for public health intervention.
Para el caso de Altos de la Estancia, debido a que actualmente existen viviendas localizadas en inmediaciones de una zona catalogada como de alto riesgo no mitigable, se pretendio estimar la vulnerabilidad fisica de las construcciones, determinando si esta se debe a la exposicion al fenomeno amenazante, o si por el contrario se encuentra mas relacionada con deficiencias en las estructuras fisicas, es decir los materiales, procesos constructivos y cumplimiento de normas.
11) quien describe a traves de testimonios la perdida de vidas humanas, el empobrecimiento, el miedo y los habitos negativos que ha dejado a las personas una serie de consecuencias negativas profundas, de trascendencia emocional, psiquica y fisica inevitable pero tal vez mitigable (3,12,13).
Las viviendas en zonas de riesgo, 15 281 de viviendas, de las cuales 5 256 se encuentran en riesgo no mitigable y 7487 en riesgo mitigable.
In Berlinguer's progressive view of health, the fact that disease is regarded as part of nature is no reason to resign ourselves to this eventuality, given that many illnesses are either avoidable, curable, or mitigable, thus confirming his belief in the human capacity to make history: "health should be a continuous and progressive conquest: there is an "historic level of health" that man continually proposes to raise".
In response to some of Probert's comments: siltation inside the lagoon will be minor and managed by periodic maintenance dredging; detailed geotechnical investigation found sediment contamination to be low and within levels deemed acceptable by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science; flood impact is negligible and the mitigation measures proposed are at no cost to the taxpayer; our coastal process modelling has been independently verified and demonstrates that any changes brought about by the scheme are minor and mitigable via our adaptive environmental management plan.