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Will wished that she would speak and bring some mitigating shadow across his own cruel speech, which seemed to stand staring at them both in mockery of any attempt at revived fellowship.
I was beginning to relent towards my wretched partner; to pity his forlorn, comfortless condition, unalleviated as it is by the consolations of intellectual resources and the answer of a good conscience towards God; and to think I ought to sacrifice my pride, and renew my efforts once again to make his home agreeable and lead him back to the path of virtue; not by false professions of love, and not by pretended remorse, but by mitigating my habitual coldness of manner, and commuting my frigid civility into kindness wherever an opportunity occurred; and not only was I beginning to think so, but I had already begun to act upon the thought - and what was the result?
Here also the firmness of the judicial magistracy is of vast importance in mitigating the severity and confining the operation of such laws.
The intended slight was emphasised by the fact that even the Reggie Chiverses, who were of the Mingott clan, were among those inflicting it; and by the uniform wording of the notes, in all of which the writers "regretted that they were unable to accept," without the mitigating plea of a "previous engagement" that ordinary courtesy prescribed.
The city's disaster mitigating office said rescuers evacuated families to shelters, like village halls or gymnasiums.
'The grant will contribute to preventing climate change and mitigating its impacts, which are essential for sustainable development and economic growth.'
Local government units (LGUs) should have used their calamity funds in mitigating the impact of the dry spell on agricultural productivity rather than in less important activities that are so-called capacity building.
'Before undergoing the training, we even did not have technical knowledge of risks, hazards and disasters but now we are completely aware of them all and are well prepared for mitigating them,' he said.
DA3/4aferovic told reporters today that he saw the good work of the cantonal and local authorities in mitigating the consequences of natural disasters, the most important thing being the need to help the population in parts affected by floods and landslides.
The CONRAC maintains a well-diversified mix of rental car operators with no one operator possessing more than 21% of market share, partially mitigating service reduction risk.
At the meeting, the sides discussed mitigating the consequences of the Aral catastrophe, water pollution and improvement of the ecological condition in the region, as well as consolidation of efforts of the Central Asian countries in this direction.