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tr.v. mit·i·gat·ed, mit·i·gat·ing, mit·i·gates
1. To make less severe or intense; moderate or alleviate. See Synonyms at relieve.
2. To make alterations to (land) to make it less polluted or more hospitable to wildlife.
Phrasal Verb:
mitigate against Usage Problem
1. To take measures to moderate or alleviate (something).
2. To be a strong factor against (someone or something); hinder or prevent.

[Middle English mitigaten, from Latin mītigāre, mītigāt- : mītis, soft + agere, to drive, do; see act.]

mit′i·ga·ble (-gə-bəl) adj.
mit′i·ga′tion n.
mit′i·ga′tive, mit′i·ga·to′ry (-gə-tôr′ē) adj.
mit′i·ga′tor n.
Usage Note: Mitigate, meaning "to make less severe, alleviate" is sometimes used where militate, which means "to cause a change," might be expected. The confusion arises when the subject of mitigate is an impersonal factor or influence, and the verb is followed by the preposition against, so the meaning of the phrase is something like "to be a powerful factor against" or "to hinder or prevent," as in His relative youth might mitigate against him in a national election. Some 70 percent of the Usage Panel rejected this usage of mitigate against in our 2009 survey. Some 56 percent also rejected the intransitive use of mitigate meaning "to take action to alleviate something undesirable," in What steps can the town take to mitigate against damage from coastal storms? Perhaps the use with against in the one instance has soured Panelists on its use in the other. This intransitive use is relatively recent in comparison with the long-established transitive use, so novelty might play a role as well.
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Adj.1.mitigative - moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bearmitigative - moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear
moderating - lessening in intensity or strength
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Defenders of herbal medicine often point out that there may be synergistic (increasing potency or other desirable effects) or mitigative (decreasing toxicity), therapeutic interactions among the constituents of crude drags, and that over time humans have learned by trial and error the circumstances when these crude drags are efficacious (Lewis & Elvin-Lewis, 2003).
5 hectare for sewage treatment facility to be developed at Ghasari Farm and also after treatment of sewage effluent discharge into Sindh River through Barahi River and Bhagora Nallah from Wildlife Considerations and impacts and suggesting proper mitigative measures following the compliance of State Board for Wildlife for M.
This type of analysis should be done prior to reactivation of a pipeline to help identify what type of mitigative measures (e.
Signals isn't just a notification system, it actually anticipates mission-critical issues providing users with a competitive head-start on mitigative actions.
14, 2015) (stating that climate change uncertainty "is an impetus to mitigative action"); World Meteorological Org.
Evaluation of mitigative measures is critical to determine their effectiveness for conserving connectivity, and it is important to maximize inferential strength of these evaluative types of studies (Roedenbeck et al.
In view of such concerns, legislation and jurisprudence developed mitigative measures.
Using surveys and other metrics, communication can be fine-tuned to improve understanding of the science, increase public engagement, and possibly drive mitigative and adaptive action.
For making development more sustainable we need to enhance mitigative and adaptive capacities, reduce emissions and also reduce vulnerabilities, but there may be barriers to implementation.
Disaster preparedness minimises the adverse effects of hazard through effective preventive and mitigative actions, response, recovery and rehabilitation on ensuring timely, appropriate and effective organisation and delivery of relief and assistance following a disaster.
They consider such topics as identifying a typology of climate change in Europe, exploring mitigative and response capacities to climate change in European regions, North Rhine-Westphalia as a case study in the integrated assessment of vulnerability to climate change, the adaptive capacity of the tourism sector in the Alpine space, and implications for territorial development and challenges for the territorial cohesion of the European Union.
The state trial judge who sentenced Washington to death testified at the habeas hearing that the sentence would not have been affected by the introduction of character evidence or other mitigative evidence.