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tr.v. mit·i·gat·ed, mit·i·gat·ing, mit·i·gates
1. To make less severe or intense; moderate or alleviate. See Synonyms at relieve.
2. To make alterations to (land) to make it less polluted or more hospitable to wildlife.
Phrasal Verb:
mitigate against Usage Problem
1. To take measures to moderate or alleviate (something).
2. To be a strong factor against (someone or something); hinder or prevent.

[Middle English mitigaten, from Latin mītigāre, mītigāt- : mītis, soft + agere, to drive, do; see act.]

mit′i·ga·ble (-gə-bəl) adj.
mit′i·ga′tion n.
mit′i·ga′tive, mit′i·ga·to′ry (-gə-tôr′ē) adj.
mit′i·ga′tor n.
Usage Note: Mitigate, meaning "to make less severe, alleviate" is sometimes used where militate, which means "to cause a change," might be expected. The confusion arises when the subject of mitigate is an impersonal factor or influence, and the verb is followed by the preposition against, so the meaning of the phrase is something like "to be a powerful factor against" or "to hinder or prevent," as in His relative youth might mitigate against him in a national election. Some 70 percent of the Usage Panel rejected this usage of mitigate against in our 2009 survey. Some 56 percent also rejected the intransitive use of mitigate meaning "to take action to alleviate something undesirable," in What steps can the town take to mitigate against damage from coastal storms? Perhaps the use with against in the one instance has soured Panelists on its use in the other. This intransitive use is relatively recent in comparison with the long-established transitive use, so novelty might play a role as well.
References in classic literature ?
Side by side, again, with war and love, appears in the romances medieval religion, likewise conventionalized and childishly superstitious, but in some inadequate degree a mitigator of cruelty and a restrainer of lawless passion.
perhaps, possibly), which in line with previous studies by Kasper (1981), Faerch and Kasper (1989) and Trosborg (1995), was the most frequent type of mitigator used by NSs and the less one employed by the learners.
Top Layer and OpenService have developed a Rapid Threat Recognition and Response Engine, which runs on Top Layer's management appliance and accepts unique security state information, as well as traditional inputs (event and syslog data) from any number of Top Layer's Attack Mitigator IPS 5500s, claims the company.
The Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 is a high-performance in-line security device that delivers non-stop protection against both network and application-lever cyber threats.
The trial court accepted the mitigator, but then imposed the death penalty.
Bob quickly became recognized amongst his "team" as NSE's top loss mitigator.
The more I am involved in software selection projects, the more I believe vendor performance is the biggest single risk mitigator.
Other customers respond when NCCI sends a mobile notary to the door armed with a copy of the loan modification and the telephone number of a loss mitigator who can answer any questions on the spot.
Another important cost mitigator is to execute the quota-share reinsurance on a funds-withheld basis.
For example, prior to the first modification offer mailing, the servicer must undertake these lengthy initiatives: train loss mitigator and call-center staff; improve servicing systems to effectively record and report on modification activity: review applicable servicing contracts; determine compliance issues; develop marketing materials; and develop an income-verification process.
This will be brought about through Netwise designing security solutions using Top Layer's Attack Mitigator IPS suite of products.