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The induction of mitosis.

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n. mitogénesis, causa de la mitosis celular.
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They comprise an osteoconductive matrix that acts as a filler to promote wound healing; osteoinductive proteins which support mitogenesis of identical bone cells; and osteogenic cells that form the bone in the appropriate environment.
Normal wound healing is a complex process involving a series of coordinated events that systematically move through the four distinct stages of wound healing, involving phagocytosis, chemotaxis (movement of cells in response to a stimuli), mitogenesis (induction of cell division), and a synthesis of the extracellular matrix components (Enoch & Leaper, 2005).
Synthetic peptides bind to high.affinity thrombin receptors and modulate thrombin mitogenesis. Pept Res 1988;1:65-73.
(10) Moreover, BMSCs can produce some growth factors and cytokines for mitogenesis, angiogenesis, and anti-apoptosis.
When their job is complete, and they are tired out, they undergo mitophagy (removal of these retired specialized cells) to make room for mitogenesis (creation of new mitochondria)--all in an efficient, quality-controlled process that keep up with our energy needs.
HIF, a transcription factor capable of activating a battery of genes involved in glucose uptake and metabolism, extracellular pH control, angiogenesis, erythropoiesis, mitogenesis, and apoptosis, is expressed ubiquitously.
The xenoestrogen bisphenol A induces inappropriate an-drogen receptor activation and mitogenesis in prostatic adeno-carcinoma.
Similarly, LMWH treatment was shown to inhibit FGF-induced mitogenesis of tumor derived endothelial cells in a time and concentration dependent manner [55].
Benito, "Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase is a requirement for insulin-like growth factor-I-induced differentiation, but not for mitogenesis, in fetal brown adipocytes," Molecular Endocrinology, vol.
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In these cell lines, nongenomic pathways are involved in mitogenesis, survival, and differentiation.
Tomioka, "Unique macrophages different from M1/M2 macrophages inhibit T cell mitogenesis while upregulating Th17 polarization," Scientific Reports, vol.
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