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An agent that induces mitosis.

mi′to·gen′ic (mī′tə-jĕn′ĭk, mĭt′ə-) adj.
mi′to·ge·nic′i·ty (-jə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


(Biology) the quality of being mitogenic
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In a 2004 study of 884 patients with thin melanomas, Gimotty et al (13) demonstrated that both tumorigenicity and mitogenicity (mitotic rate >1) were independently predictive of survival.
1998), and exerts beneficial immunological effects including the enhancement of lymphocyte mitogenicity (Kitazawa et al.
3)-[beta]-D-glucans, have demonstrated mitogenicity and activation of immune effector cells (Smith 2002, Zhou 2002) as well as a stimulating effect on the production of cytokines (Smith 2002, Goa 2004).