mitral valve stenosis

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Noun1.mitral valve stenosis - obstruction or narrowing of the mitral valve (as by scarring from rheumatic fever)mitral valve stenosis - obstruction or narrowing of the mitral valve (as by scarring from rheumatic fever)
stenosis, stricture - abnormal narrowing of a bodily canal or passageway
valvular heart disease - heart disease caused by stenosis of the cardiac valves and obstructed blood flow or caused by degeneration and blood regurgitation
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On the basis of disease, the market is segmented into aortic valve replacement, heart valve disease, mitral valve stenosis, and others.
The patient recently began experiencing symptoms of mitral valve stenosis again.
It should be the first choice in patients with mitral valve stenosis with suitable valve morphological characteristics, fulfilling Wilkin's criteria for PTMC.
A percutaneous balloon mitral commissurotomy is effective for selected patients with isolated mitral valve stenosis, resulting in a rapid decrease in left atrial pressure and pulmonary arterial pressure.
Mitral Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation The mitral valve has two leaves that also may be affected by stenosis or regurgitation due to valve calcification.
Patients diagnosed with isolated mitral valve stenosis or with grade 1 or with grade 2 mitral regurgitation were randomly selected.
Cleft was closed partially in two patients to avoid the risk of mitral valve stenosis. We used anuloplasty in six patients by placing commissural stiches at LSLLLL and at LIL-LLL in five patients and a band was used as a ring in one patient for central leakage.
Rheumatic mitral valve stenosis is a chronic manifestation of rheumatic carditis which is seen especially in developing and undeveloped countries.
Since OPG is involved in many cellular processes, in particular calcification, further studies need to address also the possible implication of this molecule not only in patients with MAC but also in those who have mitral valve stenosis. Lastly, patients with severe regurgitation compose the MVP cohort and further studies are needed to evaluate if this model is able to discriminate mild or moderate mitral valve regurgitation in the presence or absence of prolapse.
Her coronary angiogram was normal, and the transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE) demonstrated severe rheumatic mitral valve stenosis, with moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation.