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1. A part or amount considered in relation to a whole: What is the proportion of helium in the atmosphere?
2. A relationship between things or parts of things with respect to comparative magnitude, quantity, or degree: the proper proportion between oil and vinegar in the dressing.
3. A relationship between quantities such that if one varies then another varies in a manner dependent on the first: "We do not always find visible happiness in proportion to visible virtue" (Samuel Johnson).
4. The agreeable or harmonious relation of parts within a whole: The statue seems out of proportion.
5. often proportions Dimensions; size: First measure the proportions of the room.
6. Mathematics A statement of equality between two ratios. Four quantities, a, b, c, d, are said to be in proportion if a/b = c/d .
tr.v. pro·por·tioned, pro·por·tion·ing, pro·por·tions
1. To adjust so that proper relations between parts are attained: Have you proportioned the oil in the dressing properly?
2. To form the parts of with balance or symmetry: The artist proportioned the figure nicely.

[Middle English proporcion, from Old French proportion, from Latin prōportiō, prōportiōn-, from prō portiōne, according to (each) part : prō, according to; see pro-1 + portiōne, ablative of portiō, part; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·por′tion·a·ble adj.
pro·por′tion·a·bly adv.
pro·por′tion·er n.
pro·por′tion·ment n.


the adjustment or arrangement of proportions
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Relating the mixing cycle to the mix design eliminates the frequent mistakes when setting up the day's run.
M-30 700 cum & m-25 1000 cum as per the approved mix design in connection with civil engineering works pertaining to bof 3 & caster 4 area and associated facilities in sms 2 complex in visakhapatnam steel plant project site, visakhapatnam ; ap
This book/CD-ROM package presents technical papers from a March 2016 conference, plus material from various symposia and forums at the conference, in areas of cracking performance methods, uses of bitumen, and balanced mix design.
In a good mix design, the percentage voids presents, is depends on the shape of the aggregates.
Omar al-Azzawi, a Masters student in the project team, claimed that using the mix design specified in the research will reduce the concrete final setting time by 48%.
A special mix design of 5,000 PSI concrete yields a very high early strength.
The third step was the concrete mix design, where the students produced concrete with low density and strong in compression and tension.
Untrained personnel pumping the wrong mix design into an expensive underground casing can be a very expensive mistake.
of Port Chester, claimed they performed mix design tests--a process required by New York Building Code to calculate the strength of specific concrete batches--when in fact they had not, according to the New York County District Attorney's Office.
In addition to analyzing the case studies, the report offers recommendations on how environmental instrument mixes should be assessed and on how instrument mix design could be improved.
The department reduces the amount of liquid asphalt in a mix design by 20 to 25 percent by using recycled shingles, according to the report.