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1. A homemade compilation of songs that has been taken from various sources and recorded onto a cassette or CD: I made you a mixtape for your birthday with all your favorite songs.
2. A hip-hop compilation that is released for free directly by the artist and is often more freeform than a studio-produced album.

[mix + tape.]
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a KazeLoon or Kamikaze Loon or Dj KazeLoon from Original East Los Angeles/Monterey Park has just released Floral Drive mixtape this month with various producers on mostly exclusive & leased beats.
This song "Rock It (She Luv my Roccet) Freestyle was originally released on KazeLoon's Garfield Ave mixtape in 2016 online on various music sites.
BTS main dancer and rapper J-Hope has released his first mixtape entitled 'Hope World' and has set new records on iTunes for a Korean solo artist.
While the days of making mixtapes are sadly pretty much gone, the days of making a mixtape doormat are here.
By: Nizar Ahmed CAIRO -- 18 November 2017: The 2011 documentary "The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975" will screen at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo on Sunday, November 19.
It is rare to see a mixtape anywhere near the upper reaches of the UK Albums chart.
Popular examples include creating your own mixtape apps; retro photo filters/editors and updated Polaroid Instant Cameras; web design aesthetic/preservation from the late '90s; and last summer's hit, Pokemon GO, which blends virtual reality with a popular video game from the early 2000s.
There's a point in an old Optimo mixtape we listened to death, about 40 minutes in, at which a rumbling bass kicks in and signals a departure.
It's a theme that pervades his long-awaited third solo album, Coloring Book, which recently became the first streaming-exclusive mixtape to chart on the Billboard top 200.
Mix Tape is part comedy sketch show and part music quiz and after playing to sell-out audiences at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015, Mixtape are back with their hilarious bite-sized theatre inspired by music.
He has just released his mixtape Mind Over Matter 2016, which showcases evidence of his heartfelt teenage angst, but there's new found defiance about his songs.
Drake in February put out a mixtape, "If You're Reading This It's Too Late," which is so far the only album released this year to go platinum, or sell more than one million copies, in the United States.