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1. A large and often disorderly crowd. See Synonyms at crowd1.
2. The mass of common people; the populace.
3. often Mob Informal A criminal organization, especially the Mafia operating in the United States.
4. An indiscriminate or loosely associated group of things: a mob of boats in the harbor.
5. Australian A flock or herd of animals.
tr.v. mobbed, mob·bing, mobs
1. To crowd around and jostle or annoy, especially in anger or excessive enthusiasm: Eager fans mobbed the popular singer.
2. To crowd into: Visitors mobbed the fairgrounds.

[Short for mobile, from Latin mōbile (vulgus), fickle (crowd), neuter of mōbilis; see mobile.]

mob′bish adj.
mob′bish·ly adv.


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in a mobbish, chaotic or turbulent manner
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