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Then there remains the most interesting subject--that, as it is, has only been touched on incidentally--of the magnificent system of military organisation in force in that country, which, in my opinion, is much superior to that inaugurated by Chaka in Zululand, inasmuch as it permits of even more rapid mobilisation, and does not necessitate the employment of the pernicious system of enforced celibacy.
From the tangle of messages we have picked up, I should say, without a doubt, that some form of mobilisation is going on in the North Sea.
Knowledge mobilisation in the social sciences and humanities: Moving from research to action.
TUNIS (TAP) - A Study on electoral mobilisation in Tunisia during the 2014 legislative election showed that the mobilised public is a partisan public or having relations of kinship or neighbourhood with one of the candidates.
Turner, "The Russian Mobilisation in 1914," in The War Plans of the Great Powers, 1880-1914, ed.
The Ministry of Transportation announced on Wednesday it would cancel the public mobilisation orders issued for train workers after they suspended their strike.