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n. pl. mob·oc·ra·cies
1. Political control by a mob.
2. The mass of common people as the source of political control.

mob′o·crat (mŏb′ə-krăt′) n.
mob′o·crat′ic adj.


1. a person who advocates government by the mob.
2. a member of a mobocracy.
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Southern Methodists, to drive all traces of the MEC from the slave states, had evinced "the pure spirit of a mobocrat," by encouraging a rabble and then defending its appalling actions in their press and pulpit.
America is known the world over as the land of the lyncher and of the mobocrat.
The actions of these mobocrats attracted enormous attention in the decidedly anti-Trump establishment media, who did their part in trying to portray the curtailment of immigration from areas such as Syria and Yemen as affronts to America's long tradition of compassion for refugees and solicitude for human rights.