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The moccasin telegraph has served them well and will continue to do so.
With no money, and no advertisements to spread the word, they use the media and the moccasin telegraph. They both refuse to waver in their attempt to be a legitimate voice for Aboriginals.
All joking about the "moccasin telegraph" aside, news (both good and bad) travels unbelievably fast.
Soon he had parlayed his skills and training into broadcasting jobs with the FSIN communications program's Moccasin Telegraph in Prince Albert and later with the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation in La Ronge.
Eleven months after we lost Bethany, we heard through the moccasin telegraph that her body had been found 70 kilometres down the river.
Words move very quickly through the moccasin telegraph, far out to Indian communities, and do nothing but shatter our faith in the academic system.
Other moccasin telegraph stories in our Northern communities include teachers leaving students unattended during classtime or at recess to run home to their teacherages and attend to their personal matters.
Heimbecker's group jumped into action, sending out posters and sending word across what the Native community calls the moccasin telegraph, a network of contacts across Indian country.
Decisions made at the leadership level are communicated quickly through the communities through the moccasin telegraph, and judged accordingly.
According to the gallery's brochure, the "component parts of the installation -- Talking Sticks, Cultural Briefs, Warriors, Moccasin Telegraph, Landescapes, and a series of refigured stereo speakers titled by the artist Hide and Speak -- reference the drum and the ceremony of sound either overtly, with the possibility of interaction by the viewer, or metaphorically.