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Noun1.mocha coffee - a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabiamocha coffee - a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
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Bounderby, the two gentlemen at this present moment walking through Coketown, and both eminently practical, who could, on occasion, furnish more tabular statements derived from their own personal experience, and illustrated by cases they had known and seen, from which it clearly appeared - in short, it was the only clear thing in the case - that these same people were a bad lot altogether, gentlemen; that do what you would for them they were never thankful for it, gentlemen; that they were restless, gentlemen; that they never knew what they wanted; that they lived upon the best, and bought fresh butter; and insisted on Mocha coffee, and rejected all but prime parts of meat, and yet were eternally dissatisfied and unmanageable.
Cafe Istanbul -- Arabian Mocha coffee from Yemen mixes with East Indies and Indian treasures to create this cup, reminiscent of the mystery of the oriental bazaar.
"I got to have mocha coffee there, which I really enjoyed," she tells Dawn through a sign language interpreter.
'I got to have mocha coffee there, which I really enjoyed,' she says through a sign language interpreter.
Soft drinks and hot dogs were enjoyed as well as pizza from Balmaha's St Mocha coffee shop.
Guests can choose from several mouth-watering flavours such as rich chocolate cake, vanilla and strawberry cake, carrot cake, pistachio and cherry cake, mocha coffee cake, or raspberry red velvet cake.
There were joggers' legs, reef knotted legs And tottering, hot gossip legs, With lacquered nails, And laced Roman sandals, a la Med, Going as red as radishes, Amongst the dripping, "Gone for a paddle legs," And spray tanned, mocha coffee legs, Drenched in sun block cream, As it was time to baste a leg.
The distinctive dumpy bottle harbours dark fruit secrets and a smidge of mocha coffee. Very warming spice across the palate with an attractive attack from the black fruits, which is evened out by the freshness supplied by the crunchy fruit from the grenache.
However, inside it was clean, the staff friendly, the food looked OK and my mocha coffee was pleasant enough.
A normal day starts usually at 7am with a mocha coffee. I reach work at around 8:30am when we usually receive the products, making sure that all of them are to my liking and as soon as my team arrives we start with our mise en place cleaning and portioning fish, vegetables etc.
The Christmas Market organisers, led by Warren Wright who owns Mocha Coffee Lounge in Streetly Village, decided to donate the money to the hospital after several customers revealed they had been battling prostate cancer.