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1. Cooked sticky rice pounded into a paste, formed into balls or cakes, and used to make sweets and savory dishes in Japanese cuisine.
2. A cake formed from such paste.
3. The variety of short-grain rice, having a sticky, glutinous consistency when cooked, used to make mochi. Also called mochi rice.

[Japanese, from Old Japanese.]
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The last Pashtun leader to have spoken at Mochi Gate was Wali Khan, who spoke in a mammoth gathering at Mochi Gate during the MRD days in the 1980s.After the Zia dictatorship ended, a period in which the tradition of speaking at Mochi Gate was nowhere to be seen, it was at this point that Qazi Hussain Ahmad spoke at the spot, becoming the next Pashtun to speak at the venue even though he was not a Pashtun nationalist.
Addressing a rally at Mochi Gate, PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen also announced two venues for future rallies, including one in Swat and the other in Karachi.
The administration has refused to grant permission to Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement for its public gathering at Lahore's Mochi Gate on Sunday.
Mochi has championed the skills of local craftswomen across the globe and Tabari has previously worked with female artisans from Morocco to Uzbekistan.
He would begin his tour by offering Fateha at Data Darbar and later speak at membership camps at Bhati Gate, Shah Alam Market, Mochi Darwaza, Dehli Gate and Sheranwala Gate.
1 ordered the Fried Okinawan Sweet Potato Mochi and Spam Musubi.
The participants can park their cars and motorcycles at Nasir Bagh, Deputy Commissioner Office, Mochi Gate Bagh, Data Darbar Eye Hospital, Central Model High School, Parking D-Plaza Rang Mahal and Adda Crown.
Mochi wa mochiya, a venerable Japanese proverb goes.
The bus driver Asif Mochi drove it rashly due to which she fell down and her finger received bone fracture.
According to locals, Bilal and his family were at home when suspect Allah Ditta along with accomplices including Kali Mochi barged into the house.
According to a spokesman, on the special directives of Lahore high Court (LHC), the teams removed encroachments which were hampering the flow of traffic and cleared footpaths in Ganj Mandi, Iqbal road, Namak mandi, Mochi bazaar, Bohar bazar and adjoining areas and confiscated three truckloads of goods.