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v. mocked, mock·ing, mocks
a. To treat with ridicule or contempt; deride: was mocked for contradicting himself; mocked her superficial understanding of the issues. See Synonyms at ridicule.
b. To imitate in fun or derision: mocked his high-pitched voice.
c. To mimic or resemble closely: a whistle that mocks the call of seabirds.
a. To frustrate the hopes or intentions of: "The massive blister mocked my efforts" (Willie Morris).
b. To cause to appear irrelevant, ineffectual, or impossible: "The Depression mocked the Puritan assumption that failure in life was the wages of sin when even the hardest-working, most pious husbands began to lose hope" (Walter McDougall).
To express scorn or ridicule; jeer: They mocked at the idea.
1. The act of mocking.
2. An object of scorn or derision: became the mock of his associates.
Simulated; false; sham: a mock battle.
In an insincere or pretending manner: mock sorrowful.
make/a mock of
To subject to ridicule; mock.

[Middle English mokken, from Old French mocquer.]

mock′er n.
mock′ing·ly adv.
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pl n
(Education) (in England and Wales) the school examinations taken as practice before public examinations
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Then the Queen left off, quite out of breath, and said to Alice, `Have you seen the Mock Turtle yet?'
`It's the thing Mock Turtle Soup is made from,' said the Queen.
`Up, lazy thing!' said the Queen, `and take this young lady to see the Mock Turtle, and to hear his history.
They had not gone far before they saw the Mock Turtle in the distance, sitting sad and lonely on a little ledge of rock, and, as they came nearer, Alice could hear him sighing as if his heart would break.
So they went up to the Mock Turtle, who looked at them with large eyes full of tears, but said nothing.
`I'll tell it her,' said the Mock Turtle in a deep, hollow tone: `sit down, both of you, and don't speak a word till I've finished.'
In a few moments every spring had its jovial knot of hard drinkers, with tin cup in hand, indulging in a mock carouse; quaffing, pledging, toasting, bandying jokes, singing drinking songs, and uttering peals of laughter, until it seemed as if their imaginations had given potency to the beverage, and cheated them into a fit of intoxication.
Departure for the rendezvous A war party of Blackfeet A mock bustle Sham fires at night Warlike precautions Dangers of a night attack A panic among horses Cautious march The Beer Springs A mock carousel Skirmishing with buffaloes A buffalo bait Arrival at the rendezvous Meeting of various bands
Or else, they grasp at sweetmeats, and mock at their childishness thereby: they cling to their straw of life, and mock at their still clinging to it.
A goat-herd seeing him stop, mocked him, saying "The little one is the best runner of the two." The Hound replied, "You do not see the difference between us: I was only running for a dinner, but he for his life."
How those scoundrels mocked and derided you and myself!
Now, to me the elm-leaves whisper Mad, discordant melodies, And keen melodies like shadows Haunt the moaning willow trees, And the sycamores with laughter Mock me in the nightly breeze.