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also mock-up  (mŏk′ŭp′)
1. A usually full-sized scale model of a structure, used for demonstration, study, or testing.
2. A layout of printed matter or digital content.
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Some mockups purporting to show the lower priced "Switch Mini" have made their rounds on the internet, giving people a "glimpse" at how the rumored gaming system will look like.
Airbus will also display a mockup of the OneWeb satellite which seeks to close the technological gap between the developed and developing worlds by providing broadband internet access across the globe.
I would encourage the public and all of our passengers to visit the mockup so they can really appreciate the sense of space, new features and modern look and feel that we can all look forward to enjoying from 2020." A long-running industrial dispute was sparked ahead of the introduction of the new trains because they were designed to be driver-only operations.
In addition, the "Day & Night" premium dual suite module from AIS is demonstrated for the first time in full-scale mockup form for A350 customers.
We've seen so many convincing-looking Chinese mockups of the iPhone 7 that anything with the appearance of the finished product has to be assumed to be fake unless proved otherwise.
You have to look at the mockup room with that criteria.
It was clear, however, that the mockup was intended to be the Nimitz since workmen had painted a large "68" on the ship.
Russian sources report that the mockup of legendary Buran spacecraft will be displayed at VDNH park in the northern part of the Russian capital city.
"The mockups were a valuable component in that members of the firm's executive committee were able to see and feel the interaction of elements in order to make informed selections that reduced change orders and kept this project on budget and on schedule," said MKDA executive director Julia Lindh.
Bogner said that all the iWatch mockups to date lacked the 'Apple-like' and 'unisex' feature and that is why he wanted the user interface to 'rotate around a wrist'.
The build season began with mockups. The students have a couple of different groups working on the mockups: Climber, shooter and dumper.