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also mock-up  (mŏk′ŭp′)
1. A usually full-sized scale model of a structure, used for demonstration, study, or testing.
2. A layout of printed matter or digital content.
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Users can create, query, and share wiki content & mockups with their team from anywhere via its web-based or mobile platform.
You have to look at the mockup room with that criteria.
It was clear, however, that the mockup was intended to be the Nimitz since workmen had painted a large "68" on the ship.
Russian sources report that the mockup of legendary Buran spacecraft will be displayed at VDNH park in the northern part of the Russian capital city.
Bogner said that all the iWatch mockups to date lacked the 'Apple-like' and 'unisex' feature and that is why he wanted the user interface to 'rotate around a wrist'.
The team does mockups to test ideas, or prove something will work.
com has put up the mockup video showing what the iPad Mini might look like.
This mockup galley will help the students with familiarization of galley equipment and basic sanitation training, explained NSCS Food Service instructor Ray Peterson.
The mockup will be a key tool in training Orion astronauts and, according to Lockheed Martin, the process of developing it may serve as a new model for government-industry collaboration.
At Dryden, engineers will use full-scale mockups to work out how components will fit together and how the mechanics of the tests will be done.
Quick Surface Reconstruction, used in reverse engineering, has been automated such that clicking a virtual button creates surface meshes from the point clouds generated when digitizing physical mockups.
Since most lab facilities created these days are modular, it's wise to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency by building a mockup before duplicating the space many rimes in unforgiving "bricks and mortar.