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One of several synthetic, long-chain polymer textile fibers containing 35-85 percent acrylonitrile.

[mod(ified) acrylic.]
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Zuhaib Hassan, PhD student - Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) for his poster: Development of Nonwovens by Modacrylic Fibers for Industrial Applications
In addition, Master Textile is also producing fabrics with inherent flame retardant yarn made from modacrylic fibers.
wicking, silver-antimicrobial wonder-wrap made of a lightweight, treated blend of Modacrylic and Rayon.
Our internal experience using Modacrylic blended yarns to produce inherently FR fabrics is the most extensive in the FR industry.
He says most companies use "various types of barrier fabrics" such as cotton treated with boric acid or rayon treated with silica--both relatively benign chemicals--as well as fire-resistant materials such as modacrylic fiber (which contains antimony oxide, a carcinogen) and melamine resin (which contains formaldehyde).
Their fauxs are woven between two cotton base cloths with acrylic and modacrylic fibres to numb the flashpoint (technical jargon for saying it won't catch fire during the production process).
03 Contract Award Notice - Successful Supplier(s): Supply of stock Modacrylic wigs, custom made processed human hair wigs, stock processed human hair wigs and accessories
Kanecaron(R) is a registered trade name of inherently flame-retardant modacrylic fibers manufactured by Kaneka Corporation, JAPAN.
Nomex MHP also excels in durability and value; it is more durable than FR treated cotton and other typical modacrylic blends, making it more cost effective.
polyesters, man-made fibers ramie, jute, kapok, poly-amides, coir, pineapple, polyaramides, abaca, sisal, and acrylic, modacrylic.
Made of 50 percent polypropylene and 50 percent modacrylic pile, it is hand-tufted in China and retails in a 4-by-7 for $199.