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Noun1.modal value - the most frequent value of a random variable
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
average, norm - a statistic describing the location of a distribution; "it set the norm for American homes"
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According to mathematical statistic point the average value of nanofibres diameter (if they are distributed in not normal distribution) cannot characterize the nanofibres precisely, because changes in average values do not suppose changes in modal value and other characteristics.
The fasting students during Ramadan had, as expected, a modal value between 2 and 3, entirely during the hours of darkness.
In particular I argue that these clauses are introduced by the features [[+ or -] assertion] and [-indicative], and that the particle to has a modal value which is a remnant of its prepositional origin.
At the interpersonal level, the constructional organization relevant to the middle centers on the modal value of the finite and its relation to the subject, which in turn determines the integration with the whole of the predication.
It has been calculated that a return trip to the tip every two weeks to take plastic bottles, cardboard, etc costs about pounds 7.70 vehicle charges (11 miles at 70p/mile), plus pounds 10 personal time (40 minutes at pounds 15/hour modal value for income).
However, if the income variable data were skewed, the median or modal value would be more appropriate.
A characteristic of the negative binomial distribution that lends itself particularly well to biological populations is that frequencies can decrease monotonically from a modal value of zero (Pielou 1969), providing a highly skewed distribution.
[Mathematical Expression Omitted] presents in this case, for instance, the modal value regarding the gained contribution points within the observed period of time.
But, in any case, the semantic function of modality affects the contents of the whole proposition, and therefore we will have to assume that the modal value of the sentence shows syntactically in a category whose scope is wider than the rest; this can be the modal verb, which structurally dominates the proposition, or some category in the illocutionary layer, the hierarchically higher shell in the representation.
W can be expressed as each order modal energy or modal value; maximum and minimum values of trace(W), [2n[square root of det(W)], and 1/[sigma]([[lambda].sub.i]) have synchronization.