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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a mode.
2. Grammar Of, relating to, or expressing the mood of a verb.
3. Music Of, relating to, characteristic of, or composed in any of the modes typical of medieval church music.
4. Philosophy Of or relating to mode without referring to substance.
5. Logic Expressing or characterized by modality.
6. Statistics Of or relating to a statistical mode or modes.

[Medieval Latin modālis, from Latin modus, measure; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

mod′al·ly adv.
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Martinez: With parcel pricing at all-time highs, more than ever shippers absolutely need to dive into shipping analytics to identify opportunities for cost reduction, whether by changing packaging, modally optimizing and employing least-cost routing at the package level, or negotiating improved contract discounts and terms.
To this end, the ACE might explicitly address the role of evaluative language in modally hybrid online texts to build rapport and create bonds between co-authors.
It has been claimed that evolutionary explanations of morality might show that moral beliefs are prone to error or fail to be modally secure, or that the best explanation of moral beliefs does not entail that they are (mostly) true.
The modally tuned impulse excitation hammer was honored in 1983 with a prestigious IR-100 award, as one of the top 100 industry technical achievements of that year.
Programme notes that use phrases like "the work features a truncated development with chromatic modulations to distant keys and modally inflected motivic cells," for example, do not exactly help to break down barriers and put people at ease.
To explain: on the one hand, fake barn subjects can visually distinguish barns from cows, tractors, silos and so on, and this ability is modally robust; therefore, fake barn subjects know that there is a barn ahead.
(3) To get an intuitive grip on the difference between modally coarse-grained objects and modally fine-grained objects, consider a modally fine-grained plenitudinous world.
It is furthermore argued that attempts to modally strengthen traditional sensitivity accounts to avoid the problem must appeal to a notion of safety--the primary competitor of sensitivity in the literature.
In both cases, this is an adapted, or rather intentionally deformed biblical text, in effect also arranged modally on the basis of pre-selected and pre-excluded "constructive elements" of speech.
Attempting to demonstrate morality, Egan does the precise opposite with a modally ironic indication that he values an abstract nicety ahead of human wellbeing.
[13] related the POM to normal modes of vibration in systems for lightly modally damped systems.