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Adj.1.moderate-size - intermediate in size
sized - having a specified size
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Trimont Real Estate Capital will focus on small to moderate-size properties, with loan amounts from $3 to $20 million.
These credit strengths allow the company to buy back shares and pursue moderate-size acquisitions without any weakening of its credit metrics, the service said.
Virtually all small to moderate-size businesses in the government contracting arena will need to team with a larger entity on a not infrequent basis in order to obtain a place on many federal IT contracts.
Grant found that facilities with more satisfied families also have more satisfied employees and that family satisfaction is greater in nonprofit than in for-profit facilities; in independent facilities and moderate-size chains than in other facilities; and in rural facilities than in urban and suburban facilities.
If you're lucky enough to be sailing on a moderate-size cruise ship in the Caribbean calling at Willemstad, capital of Curacao, largest island in the Netherlands Antilles, you have an opportunity for a unique experience.
Instead of the traditional three square meals a day, add two or three substantial snacks between three moderate-size meals.
"We wanted to make a moderate-size house feel as big as it could," explains architect Scott Strumwasser, who, with his partner, Mahtash Rahbar, also added a new master bedroom and bath to the rear of the house, up from 1,600 to 2,400 square feet.
And finally, NT was specifically designed to run in multiple modes: to administer a moderate-size network or to operate as a stand-alone.
"The ratings on Dycom reflect its fair business profile and significant financial risk profile, highlighted by share repurchases and some moderate-size acquisitions," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Sarah Wyeth.
Since no small to moderate-size contractor has vast sales and business development resources, it is essential that your firm establish a plan with a limited, manageable number of targeted entities.
Brachiosaurus, a moderate-size sauropod, grew to a length of 23 m and tipped the scale at around 50 tons, says Martin Sander of the University of Bonn in Germany.

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