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adv. & adj. Abbr. mod. Music
In moderate tempo that is slower than allegretto but faster than andante. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, from Latin moderātus, moderate; see moderate.]


1. (Music, other) at a moderate tempo
2. (Music, other) (preceded by a tempo marking) a direction indicating that the tempo specified is to be used with restraint: allegro moderato.
[C18: from Italian, from Latin moderātus; see moderate]
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Adj.1.moderato - (of tempo) moderatemoderato - (of tempo) moderate      
slow - at a slow tempo; "the band played a slow waltz"
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The Moderato has more depth and the Cadenza more ferocity than he finds, but those insights will surely come with maturity and experience.
She won a number of awards including the best actress prize at Cannes for Moderato Cantabile in 1960
Es, entonces, cuando el relato autobiografico (El hombre sentado en el pasillo, El mal de la muerte, Moderato cantabile y, desde luego.
Eventually, the Andante cantabile gives way to the Valse: Allegro moderato, which is hurried and quick, leading out to the grand finale, the triumphant Andante maestoso-Allegro vivace
conditions for opening tenders date: 16/11/2017 local time: 11:00 square: Salle moderato on the ground floor, Avenue sergent vrithoff 2.
De Souza's vigorous reading of the Prelude not only set the tone for the evening, but in the slower Andante moderato section, it effectively foreshadowed the opera's tragic end.
Insomnio Leve 17,5 Insomnio Moderato 25 Insomnio Severo 29,2 Insomino Inhabilitante 19,2 Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
The opening of the moderato was suitably rippling and powerful, although perhaps at one point a little heavy in the left hand, while the adagio was so limpidly beautiful the entire hall forgot about their coughs.
Russian pianist Ekaterina Mechetina will perform in the UAE for the first time at a new classical music series called Dubai Allegro Moderato on October 24 at Madinat Jumeirah.
Anonymous: Air varie pour corno (sur 'La ci darem la mano'); Giovanni Punto, Allegro Moderato, Adagio, Presto from Trios duos in E[flat] rnajor, Op.
The fourth, an allegretto moderato, was especially meditative and beautifully realised.