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Ballet & Modern Dance: A Concise History, third edition
Ballet Manila's Bloom, a highlight of its BM 2.0 dance concert, was adjudged Outstanding Modern Dance Production.
While the show was a valiant effort for the still-amateur choreographer, "The Streets," unfortunately, lacked the finesse and basic techniques of modern dance.
Beijing's modern dance scene is adding to the city's rhythm.
For the modern dance forms that emerged in those years powerfully united artistic experimentation with attempts to create new modes of personal identity and communal life.
Denis (together they had formed the legendary Denishawn Dance Company), decided to go his own way in 1932 to show America that men could choose modern dance as a legitimate, masculine profession.
The Guangdong Modern Dance Company is performing works of unlimited self-expression in the People's Republic of China.
Of all the professions a young college graduate could choose for herself, that of a modern dance choreographer would win the grand prize for uselessness.
instruction in ballet & modern dance, extraordinary
The world of modern dance was then very different from the much-crowded globe we find today, where companies small and large, or at least medium-large, seem almost as plentiful as the grains of sand in the desert--and some of them just as dry.
BA, MA, MFA, modern dance major 5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94613 Ph (510) 430-2175; Fax (510) 430-3272 &
I am fascinated to realize the few degrees of separation--Kevin Bacon style--between any dancer in the similar, sometimes overlapping, genealogical trees of classical ballet and modern dance. As in all genealogy it is difficult to know where to start.