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Nadeem Sarwar, speaking on the occasion, said it is an IT era and time has come for to bring sports infrastructure and facilities at par with modern era standard.
In this era of science and technology, we are not teaching our youth the innovative and technological aspects of knowledge compatible with the modern era.
Chief Minister Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that media plays an important role in formulating public opinion adding that its multifarious role has been increased in this modern era.
Profiles of more than 450 individual Jewish physicians are divided by region and area of specialization, all within a historical context ranging from Talmudic times to the modern era, and from Islamic and Christian lands to the spread of Jewish communities in Europe after the Spanish Inquisition.
The exhibition aims to shed light on the history of the Kingdom and how it is flourishing in the modern era. (SPA)
Dr Randhawa said that the country has to prepare the manpower which has the capability to deal with challenges of the modern era and is able to compete with the rest of the world.
She placed great emphasis on addiction and how technology has become an addiction for youth in modern era.
IT remains to be seen if Pep Guardiola turns out to be Manchester City's most important signing of the modern era.
He said it was dire need of time to introduce mechanism of modern education at educational institutions in the country in accordance with requirements of modern era.
While Spina's perspective ends up revealing more about the Italian military officers than the people over which they are presumed to rule, his attention to detail offers a tantalizing window onto the development of Libyan national identity and the fault lines along which it has disintegrated in the modern era.
A DJ-ING reverend and former X Factor hopeful insists he wants to bring the church into the modern era.
KARACHI -- Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair has said that the goal of development in the modern era can only be achieved by paying full attention to higher education and research.

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