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Noun1.modern font - a typeface (based on an 18th century design by Gianbattista Bodoni) distinguished by regular shape and hairline serifs and heavy downstrokes
proportional font - any font whose different characters have different widths
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Their designs draw on styles ranging from classic old-school graffiti letter forms to modern font designs.
Johnson, one of the authors, told Douglas that the fixed-width font was standard for eye-tracking tests, and the benefits of two-spacing should carry over to any modern font.
The statement also pointed to the company's new branding: "Ogero's new brand was designed with a modern font, to enhance the focus on Ogero as a center of gravity and the force that keeps everyone in contact."
X Creative Media has adopted a new logo with a more modern font and bright colors.
Write out your favourite poem, or print a saying in a modern font on white paper, then use a neat black frame to set it off.
Following a simple intro declaring "This Is Myspace" in a modern font, the demo takes us through a mock profile where easily accessible music and video selections appear in seamless tandem with user photos and comments, all comingling in what looks like a marriage between Facebook simplicity and Apple aesthetics.
It provides facsimile images of broadside ballads from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as collected by antiquarians, as reconstructed to approach the look of how they originally came off the press, as remade into facsimile transcriptions that retain the original formatting and ornament but replace the original often difficult-to-read early modern type with easy-to-read modern font, and also as sound recordings.
With the new name came an opportunity to create a fresh more contemporary logo that boasts a bold, more modern font and crisp lines, Anderson said.

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