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Noun1.modernisation - making modern in appearance or behaviormodernisation - making modern in appearance or behavior; "the modernization of Nigeria will be a long process"
improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"
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عَصْرَنَه، تَحْديث
òaî aî færa til nútímahorfs


(ˈmodən) adjective
belonging to the present or to recent times; not old or ancient. modern furniture/clothes.
moˈdernity (-ˈdəː-) noun
ˈmodernness noun
ˈmodernize, ˈmodernise verb
to bring up to date. We should modernize the education system.
ˌmoderniˈzation, ˌmoderniˈsation noun
modern language
a language spoken nowadays (as opposed to ancient Greek, Latin etc).
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Bert Smallways lived confusingly wonderful, there was none quite so strange, so headlong and disturbing, so noisy and persuasive and dangerous, as the modernisations of patriotism produced by imperial and international politics.
Revolution and Reform in Russia and Iran: Modernisation and Politics in Revolutionary States
The modernisation should expand the exploitation period of the thermal power plants for additional 20 years and lower costs for their overhaul and maintenance.
Abstract: The article focused the influence of the Ecological Modernisation Theory (EMT) as a basis for the tourism sustainnable development for environmental policy making within the tourism destinations to improve their competitiveness.
Postmen are not opposed to modernisation, however we have no idea what these modernisation plans are because we have not been given clarity.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 December 2008-BluePhoenix awarded modernisation contract in Scandinavia(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Finnish engineering and technology group Metso Corporation said on Thursday (13 September) that its subsidiary Metso Paper will supply Sodra Cell Varo mill in Sweden with a modernisation of the recausticising system and the pulp drying line.
BluePhoenix Solutions (NASDAQ:BPHX), which develops and markets enterprise information technology (IT) modernisation solutions, disclosed on 15 April that a USD1m deal for ongoing modernisation maintenance and support with a system integrator in Japan has been closed.