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Adj.1.modernised - brought up to datemodernised - brought up to date; "modernized methods"
progressive - favoring or promoting progress; "progressive schools"
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They are of about the period of the Nuns' House, irregularly modernised here and there, as steadily deteriorating generations found, more and more, that they preferred air and light to Fever and the Plague.
The objective of the modernised ECT should be to facilitate investment in the energy sector in a sustainable way, provide for legal certainty and ensure a high level of investment protection.
Railway Minister Mohammad Mujibul Haq Wednesday said a total of 188 railway stations already have modernised and the rest 192 stations will be modernised in phases, reports BSS.
Lockheed Martin, a leading security and aerospace company, has revealed that a team of its engineers and technicians have completed the integration of the company's first modernised A2100 satellite.
Hundreds of branches in the North East have already been modernised - with more to come.
The second session of the workshop focused on possible features of a modernised GDDS, focusing on data dissemination, possible features of a modernised GDDS, and key messages learned from the workshop and the way forward for enhancing data dissemination under the GDDS.
ENJOYING countryside views, this modernised flat provides well presented accommodation.
Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) announced on Monday that it plans to equip Sikorsky's modernised S-61T helicopter with a suite of advanced avionics provided by S-TEC Corporation/Cobham Commercial Systems (Cobham) of Mineral Wells, Texas.
The signal system has also been modernised. 90% of the workers in the reconstruction work were Sri Lankans and the remaining 10% were skilled Indian technicians.