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a. Of or relating to recent times or the present: modern history.
b. Characteristic or expressive of recent times or the present; contemporary or up-to-date: a modern lifestyle; a modern way of thinking.
a. Of or relating to a recently developed or advanced style, technique, or technology: modern art; modern medicine.
b. Avant-garde; experimental.
3. often Modern Linguistics Of, relating to, or being a living language or group of languages: Modern Italian; Modern Romance languages.
1. One who lives in modern times.
2. One who has modern ideas, standards, or beliefs.
3. Printing Any of a variety of typefaces characterized by strongly contrasted heavy and thin parts.

[French moderne, from Old French, from Late Latin modernus, from Latin modo, in a certain manner, just now, from modō, ablative of modus, manner; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

mod′ern·ly adv.
mod′ern·ness n.


adv (= fashionably)modern; more modernly known as …in neuerer Zeit als … bekannt
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The most interesting destinations of Herzegovina and tourist products are presented at the modernly designed pavilion of the HNC Tourist Board, where minent Mostarians from all over the world and their friends gathered, who have thus contributed to the promotion of tourist offer of Herzegovina, says the statement issued by the Tourist Board of HNC.
He added: "The Nasayem Avenue offers a unique mix of affordable residential and commercial units that are modernly designed to meet investors' expectations.
Senior Star at Weber Place, a Senior Star community, features 346 modernly decorated apartments spanning across 29 acres of beautifully landscaped property with many customized amenities to offer its residents in three distinctive living experiences: independent living, assisted living and memory care.
As Al-Masry Al-Youm reported on Saturday, Farouk stated that the new building is modernly equipped to better accommodate Egyptian citizens abroad.
His first assignment as Director General would be to bring together a team of modernly thinking and capable people, and the second is to make an audit of the state of the television.
These terms, modernly spelled kurntal and manyka, also mean 'same sex sibling's daughter' and 'same sex sibling's son' respectively.
Students "receive[d] their instruction in well-planned, modernly equipped classrooms.
The Gardens has been modernly outfitted and equipped with clear glass walls to allow natural lighting to come in .
The academy is training rescuers on high standards and it has also been equipped modernly.
In his next section, Cadwalader focused further on the questions of what he calls "executive instructions and regulations," modernly known as administrative procedures and regulations.
In the earlier period, specialists from globally include effectively investigated different ethano-naturally and modernly essential plant elements for the era of various nanoparticles [101].
Modernly furnished rooms and best in class amenities, like the relaxing pool and spa services, can create a lavish stay in a city full of places to visit.