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a. Of or relating to recent times or the present: modern history.
b. Characteristic or expressive of recent times or the present; contemporary or up-to-date: a modern lifestyle; a modern way of thinking.
a. Of or relating to a recently developed or advanced style, technique, or technology: modern art; modern medicine.
b. Avant-garde; experimental.
3. often Modern Linguistics Of, relating to, or being a living language or group of languages: Modern Italian; Modern Romance languages.
1. One who lives in modern times.
2. One who has modern ideas, standards, or beliefs.
3. Printing Any of a variety of typefaces characterized by strongly contrasted heavy and thin parts.

[French moderne, from Old French, from Late Latin modernus, from Latin modo, in a certain manner, just now, from modō, ablative of modus, manner; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

mod′ern·ly adv.
mod′ern·ness n.
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Noun1.modernness - the quality of being current or of the presentmodernness - the quality of being current or of the present; "a shopping mall would instill a spirit of modernity into this village"
currentness, up-to-dateness, currency - the property of belonging to the present time; "the currency of a slang term"
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det at være moderne


(ˈmodən) adjective
belonging to the present or to recent times; not old or ancient. modern furniture/clothes.
moˈdernity (-ˈdəː-) noun
ˈmodernness noun
ˈmodernize, ˈmodernise verb
to bring up to date. We should modernize the education system.
ˌmoderniˈzation, ˌmoderniˈsation noun
modern language
a language spoken nowadays (as opposed to ancient Greek, Latin etc).
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References in classic literature ?
The modernness of all good books seems to give me an existence as wide as man.
In the face of such conflicting feelings and unanswerable questions, the poem, marveling at the new pigeon, trails off into a brief silence: "a surprise- / ing modernness and fanciness / and stateliness and ..." (105).
In addition, the research report gave ManageEngine the highest scores possible in the overall interface intuitiveness, modernness and ease of use criteria.
Returning to the question at hand, and the "generality" that Emerson praises in Plato, Emerson claims that Plato's works have a "perpetual modernness," the ability to speak to people of all eras.
A thoughtful writer of German birth and education, but living today in America, has said that some of the main features and themes of "Leaves of Grass" may be designated as individuality, inevitable law, physical health, modernness, open air nature, democracy, comradeship, the indissoluble union, good will to other lands, respect to the past, grandeur of labor, perfect state equality, with modernness like a canopy over all, and a resumption of the old Greek ideas of nudity and the divinity of the body, with the Hebrew sacredness of paternity, while the war, the sea, the night, the south and poems of death are also frequently recurring themes.
As Cruz-Malave and Manalansan write, "Queer sexualities and cultures have often been deployed negatively to allay anxieties about 'authentic' national belonging in our massively migratory contemporary world and positively by nation-states in order to project an image of global modernness consistent with capitalist market exchange." (32) This does not mean that violence against sexual and gender minorities, and the routes they take to escape and resist persecution, should not be considered an important issue.
I'm equally aware of the liberated, twenty-first-century modernness of being a woman who is purchasing a mattress for herself first and foremost, who is not compromising with anyone and plans to enjoy it to the fullest with one delirious and satisfying conquest after another.
In other words, this is not just an instrumental modernness but more fundamentally a structural modernity.