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Being in or conforming to the prevailing or current fashion; stylish: "With his longish wavy hair and his modish suits, he appears entirely at home on Rodeo Drive" (John Nathan).

mod′ish·ly adv.
mod′ish·ness n.
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Adv.1.modishly - in a stylish mannermodishly - in a stylish manner; "He was smartly dressed"
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modaya uygun olarak


[ˈməʊdɪʃlɪ] ADVelegantemente
to be modishly dressedir vestido con suma elegancia
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adv (= fashionably)modisch; (= stylishly)schick; he modishly professed his solidarity with the working classeser folgte dem herrschenden Trend und bekannte sich mit der Arbeiterklasse solidarisch
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(məud) noun
1. a manner of doing something. an unusual mode of expression.
2. a kind or type. modes of transport.
3. a fashion. Large hats are the latest mode.
ˈmodish adjective
fashionable and smart.
ˈmodishly adverb
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Photographed with a hip thrust forward to show off her Margiela apron dress and modishly frayed jeans, Lyn Slater projects a kind of swagger pretty rare among her peers.
Smartly and modishly styled with ultra-slim bezels suited for any interiors; expansive edge-to-edge visuals on all four sides with Vesa wall mount compatibility, also features integrated speakers, and supports both HDMI and DisplayPort.
In 1963, the BBC's Festival, a season mainly of stage plays, was branded modishly as drama for people "in the know ...
Among those less gently treated, Solondz's first target is his easiest: the tactless, modishly self-absorbed parents (Julie Delpy and Tracy Letts) of sensitive 9-year-old cancer survivor Remi (Keaton Nigel Cooke), who buy him the sausage-bodied pup only to treat her as a walking (or waddling) case study for needlessly cruel lessons in life, death and sterilization.
colourful classmates daringly experimented with a dash of eyeshadow to go with the modishly over-the-collar hair.
their hair modishly short, apply makeup, don Western clothes and thus
I speak as one who has walked down Byres Road, denim flapping around ankles, cheesecloth shirt tied modishly at the waist.
Producer Richard Russell compounds the gossamer-lite nature of the sisters' gentle lamentations with modishly minimal click tracks and piano-centred backdrops.