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Being in or conforming to the prevailing or current fashion; stylish: "With his longish wavy hair and his modish suits, he appears entirely at home on Rodeo Drive" (John Nathan).

mod′ish·ly adv.
mod′ish·ness n.
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Adv.1.modishly - in a stylish mannermodishly - in a stylish manner; "He was smartly dressed"
modaya uygun olarak


[ˈməʊdɪʃlɪ] ADVelegantemente
to be modishly dressedir vestido con suma elegancia


adv (= fashionably)modisch; (= stylishly)schick; he modishly professed his solidarity with the working classeser folgte dem herrschenden Trend und bekannte sich mit der Arbeiterklasse solidarisch


(məud) noun
1. a manner of doing something. an unusual mode of expression.
2. a kind or type. modes of transport.
3. a fashion. Large hats are the latest mode.
ˈmodish adjective
fashionable and smart.
ˈmodishly adverb
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Smartly and modishly styled with ultra-slim bezels suited for any interiors; expansive edge-to-edge visuals on all four sides with Vesa wall mount compatibility, also features integrated speakers, and supports both HDMI and DisplayPort.
In 1963, the BBC's Festival, a season mainly of stage plays, was branded modishly as drama for people "in the know .
Among those less gently treated, Solondz's first target is his easiest: the tactless, modishly self-absorbed parents (Julie Delpy and Tracy Letts) of sensitive 9-year-old cancer survivor Remi (Keaton Nigel Cooke), who buy him the sausage-bodied pup only to treat her as a walking (or waddling) case study for needlessly cruel lessons in life, death and sterilization.
colourful classmates daringly experimented with a dash of eyeshadow to go with the modishly over-the-collar hair.
18) By bringing the "frivolity" of Belinda's social world to the performative arena of the stage, Oxenford's burletta injects fresh vigor into the melodramatic qualities belonging to The Rape of the Lock's narrative and characters, but also to how an act of appropriation and adaptation can literally re-perform Pope's poem as at once quaintly historical--filled with Augustan beaux and belles--and modishly prescient.
their hair modishly short, apply makeup, don Western clothes and thus
I speak as one who has walked down Byres Road, denim flapping around ankles, cheesecloth shirt tied modishly at the waist.
Producer Richard Russell compounds the gossamer-lite nature of the sisters' gentle lamentations with modishly minimal click tracks and piano-centred backdrops.