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1. Of, relating to, or based on a module or modulus.
2. Constructed out of usually prefabricated units with standardized dimensions, allowing for easy assembly and flexible arrangement: modular furniture; modular homes.
3. Mathematics
a. Of or relating to fields having a characteristic greater than zero.
b. Of or relating to structured equivalence classes.
4. Biology Relating to, exhibiting, or being a pattern of growth in which similar morphological units, called modules, are added repeatedly.

mod′u·lar n.
mod′u·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
mod′u·lar·ly adv.


[ˌmɒdjʊˈlærɪtɪ] Nmodularidad f
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For French automotive giant Groupe Renault, however, modularity represents more than just a strategy for streamlining development.
The patented ROSA solar array provides extraordinary affordability (up to 25 percent to 50 percent cost savings), high performance, lightweight (66 percent to 75 percent total mass reduction), compact stowage (up to 90 percent stowage volume reduction), high deployed strength/stiffness (up to right times stiffer and stronger), high reliability (50 percent fewer parts), practicality, simplicity, and modularity, and allows for seamless integration of standard and advanced photovoltaics, and concentrator blanket technologies.
Modularity is our best option to reduce risk, increase use of shared services, improve time to market and lower cost, with the goal of delivering the right benefit at the right time to the citizen," said Goel.
Modularity and adaptability are considered desirable, cost-saving attributes for military vehicles.
Modularity as well as integration and efficiency in data center design are the answer to current cloud dynamics.
This is supported by recent research that suggests maintained functional modularity of the visual cortex may be beneficial to the outcome of sight restoration in blind subjects a finding that will have important implications on the development of guidelines for sight restoration when a technique becomes available.
In this scenario, one of the main problems is to evaluate the modularity of the system, is the evolved AO software still has a good modularity or not?
BioTek's Synergy HTX Multi Mode Microplate Reader boasts practical functionality, user-friendly software and affordable modularity.
The single channel, multi-parameter capability and field upgradable modularity allow customers to increase their service level all while maintaining reduced inventory levels.
Java Application Architecture: Modularity Patterns with Examples Using OSGi is a top pick for any software programming collection strong in Java, and provides an exploration of a new way of Java application architecture.

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