Having or made up of modules: modularized housing.


(ˈmɒdjʊləˌraɪzd) or


(Units) having been made modular or relating to the use of modular concepts or forms
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As these examples demonstrate, adopting a multi-speed talent strategy means that HR now needs to (1) understand which parts of the employee lifecycle need to be tailored, while (2) determining which parts can be standardized, modularized and reused.
The cracking furnaces will become the world's largest single cracking furnace that will be modularized and transported in its entirety.
Ziyan is developing several different unmanned helicopters, each distinct in size and power with modularized system integration.
The RR221 series employs a patented, modularized air bearing platform, which minimizes spalling during sustained loads and delivers 10%-25% longer bearing hours, with bit life increasing by up to 30% compared with the previous generation Sandvik RR220 range.
The Sandvik RR221 series of drill bits runs on a patented, modularized air bearing platform, minimizing spalling during sustained loads and delivering 10-25% longer bearing hours and life increase of up to 30% compared with the previous generation, the Sandvik RR220 range.
According to the company, the order includes engineering, manufacturing, freight and site services of conveying systems comprising relocatable and modularized type conveyors, for a surface mine.
FlexFactory[TM] is a fully modularized and integrated biomanufacturing platform.
The KDM-8206 displacement measuring system is in a 19-inch modularized rack format.
It operates in an object-oriented environment so that subsystem representations, 3D display, FE entity ID numbering, connection properties, and assembly definition can be handled in a modularized manner.
Among their topics are his understanding of liberal politics, practices of self as arts of self-government, governing the social nexus, resistance to normalization through self-governance, the psychical science and conditions of proof, governing autism, educational science in Germany and governmentality, the dispositive of democracy in organizational change, modularized knowledge, and fabricating the European citizen.
2] reinjection components, GE will now supply five 130 MW Frame-9 Gas Turbines in a modularized solution to meet the power generation needs of Barrow Island's gas treatment and liquefaction facilities.
TietoEnator, Stockholm, Sweden, has launched a modularized Signaling Solution.