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1. Mathematics With respect to a specified modulus: 18 is congruent to 42 modulo 12 because both 18 and 42 leave 6 as a remainder when divided by 12.
2. Correcting or adjusting for something, as by leaving something out of account: This proposal is the best so far, modulo the fact that parts of it need modification.

[Latin modulō, ablative of modulus, diminutive of modus, measure; see mode.]
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(Mathematics) maths having a reference to modulus or a number that divides into others numbers and gives the same remainders
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(ˈmɒdʒ əˌloʊ)

adv. Math.
with respect to a modulus: 6 is congruent to 11, modulo 5.
[1895–1900; < New Latin modulō, abl. of Latin modulus modulus]
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