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also mof·fette  (mō-fĕt′)
1. An opening in the earth from which carbon dioxide and other gases escape, usually marking the last stage of volcanic activity.
2. The gases escaping from such an opening.

[French, gaseous exhalation, from Italian moffetta, diminutive of muffa, mold, moldy smell, probably of Germanic origin.]


(Geological Science) an opening in a region of nearly extinct volcanic activity, through which carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases pass
[C19: from French, from Neapolitan Italian mofeta; compare dialect German muffezen to smell fetid]
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The gas vent was a mofette, which presented as a small hole flooded by rain water, giving it a puddled appearance.
4]He ratios monitored at Bublak mofette had in the main 5.
Traditionally, mofettes are specific to Covasna, Sugas, Balvanyos (Covasna County) and Baile Tusnad (Harghita county), in the so-called "mofette aureola".
He refers to the experiments of Ingenhouz, Bonet and Priestley showing that "plants exposed to Light and sun empty into the atmosphere torrents of air through their upper leaf pores, while those deprived of light exhale a deleterious mofette, truly carbonic acid.
There is a number of thermal water outflows, Komorni Hurka near Frantiskovy Lazne and Zelezna Hurka volcanoes represent remnants of Quaternary volcanic activities; in the area of Vackovec-Hartousov there are vast and intensive natural escapes of carbon-dioxide that may be observed either in a fluvial plain of the Plesna brook or in the "Soos basin" natural reserve together with dry emanations of carbon-dioxide in mud craters of the mofette type.