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 (mō′hĕl, -ĕl, moil)
n. pl. mo·hels also mo·hal·im (-hä-lēm′) or mo·hel·im (-hĕ-lēm′, -ĕ-)
One who performs circumcision on a Jewish male as a religious rite.

[Mishnaic Hebrew môhēl, active participle of māhal, to circumcise, from Aramaic məhal, by-form of Biblical Hebrew māl (perhaps originally "to remove the front"), perhaps from môl, in front; see ʔwl in Semitic roots.]


(ˈmɔɛl; mɔɪl)
(Judaism) Judaism a man qualified to conduct circumcisions
[from Hebrew]
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The procedure is undertaken by qualified doctors called Mohels with sterile equipment often in people's homes.
Other triaxial galaxy mohels with only quadrupole approximations, have been built, e.g., by Schwarzschild, M.
The report caught Rabbi Eliyahu Assulin of Hadera saying on camera that trainee mohels should practice on Ethiopian babies, which he referred to as "cannon fodder -- the best."
Llewellyn handles cases involving injury during circumcision--injury brought on by both doctors in the hospital and mohels in religious ceremonies.
Haredim in Brooklyn and in New York's other boroughs have pressed candidates to reverse the minimal health measure imposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on MBP, the direct mouth-to-penis suction done (primarily) by haredi mohels after they cut off the baby's foreskin.
The law now which would require mohels to explain the oral suction procedure and its risks, including the possible transmission of herpes simplex virus, and have parents sign a waiver.
Julie Adler, a California rabbi who trains mohels to perform circumcisions, says Jewish parents are questioning the practice, even though their religion mandates it.
The NBHW has certified mohels (persons ordained to carry out circumcision according to the Jewish faith) to perform the operations but requires that a medical doctor or an anesthesiologist accompany them.
In her campaign against Judaism, her slogan was "down with rabbis." With private enterprise abolished, religious functionaries had no way to earn a living, and rabbis, cheder teachers, Yeshiva students, shochets, and mohels ceased to exist.
If the great imaginations assumed the shapes they did because the organisms that contain them were jerked around in certain particular ways by mothers and mohels, how can the life of the mind be worth living?