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adj. moist·er, moist·est
1. Slightly wet; damp: a moist sponge; a dog's moist nose.
2. Humid: the moist gulf air.
3. Characterized by considerable rainfall; rainy: a moist climate.
4. Juicy or succulent; not dried out: Basting keeps the turkey moist in the oven.
5. Tearful: moist eyes.

[Middle English moiste, from Old French, alteration (influenced by Latin musteus, juicy) of Vulgar Latin *muscidus, alteration of Latin mūcidus, moldy, from mūcus, mucus.]

moist′ly adv.
moist′ness n.
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Adv.1.moistly - in a damp mannermoistly - in a damp manner; "a scarf was tied round her head but the rebellious curl had escaped and hung damply over her left eye"
بابتلال، مُبْتَلا
nemli/rutubetli bir şekilde


(moist) adjective
damp; slightly wet. moist, fertile soil.
ˈmoistly adverb
ˈmoistness noun
moisten (ˈmoisn) verb
to wet slightly. He moistened (= licked) his lips.
moisture (ˈmoistʃə) noun
(the quality of) dampness. This soil needs moisture.
ˈmoisturize, ˈmoisturise (-stʃə-) verb
to keep the moisture in (skin). This cream is used to moisturize the skin.
ˈmoisturizer, ˈmoisturiser noun
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Paul gripped the child's cheeks between finger and thumb, its mouth was pinched out, showing the moistly delicate inner lip.
A clever creation, one of the Arab world's top rice choices, the baked top not only keeps the ingredients moistly steaming away inside, it can be torn up and used to soak up the accompanying sauces and yogurt concoctions just like a naan bread.
Adding to the hypersexualized appearance of the ambiguously gendered works (each titled Pistil and numbered 1 through 4), thick and runny applications of iridescent blue, yellow, and green glaze read as gluey and frothy secretions erupting from the bases of the stigmas and glistening moistly on the pistil shafts.
The tone of Dear Madam President is moistly pious, extending from the lachrymose to the religiose.
She gazed at him with eyes moistly bright, then came the soft, inevitable thunder: "Are you a Jew?" (132)
Or the arroz valenciana moistly cooked in cazuelas straight from stovetop to the table.
Such a "coaction" may especially work in aqueous or moistly environments, where certain high-molecular HAS will deplete less rapidly than phenols and therefore may prevent "catastrophic" failure.
After 50 [micro]L reaction buffer containing TdT enzyme (45 [micro]L equilibration buffer+1 [micro]L Biotin-11-dUTP+4 [micro]L TdT Enzyme) was added, samples were moistly incubated under the coverslip at 37[degrees]C for 60 minutes, without TdT enzymes on the negative slide.
It was the spice roll that stole the show, with its moistly flavoursome slices, but the cheeky crustaceans gave it a run for its money.
Before World War II, Regina recounted, glancing at Miles, who listened moistly to her every word, Jews constituted 45 percent of the population of Vilnius.
Try Vin Lananna's "Cheesy Spinach Squares," Dave Frohnmayer's "Moistly Tasteful Barbecued Salmon" and Kitty Piercy's "Patti's Moussaka." To get your own copy, send an e-mail to Mary Carpenter at
The men became wimpier as Monroe became more of an abstract sex symbol: a barely humanised set of body parts in Wilder's ugly and shallow Seven Year Itch (Wilder doesn't bother to give her a name) and an all-purpose earth mother quivering innocent in Huston's moistly pretentious Misfits.