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n. pl. mo·jos or mo·joes
1. A magic charm or spell.
2. An amulet, often a small flannel bag containing one or more magic items, worn by adherents of hoodoo or voodoo.
3. An ability or quality that causes one to excel or have good luck: "a Yankee pitcher who has to go to the Mexican League to rediscover his mojo" (Dan Shaughnessy).

[Perhaps ultimately from Fula moco'o, medicine man.]


n, pl mojos or mojoes
1. (Alternative Belief Systems)
a. an amulet, charm, or magic spell
b. (as modifier): ancient mojo spells.
2. (Alternative Belief Systems) the art of casting magic spells
3. uncanny personal power or influence
[C20: of W African origin]


(ˈmoʊ dʒoʊ)

n., pl. -jos, -joes.
1. the art or practice of casting magic or voodoo spells.
2. an amulet or charm believed to carry such a spell.
[1925–30, Amer.; compare Gullah moco witchcraft, magic]


A charm or amulet that is worn to protect the wearer against evil.
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Noun1.mojo - a magic power or magic spellmojo - a magic power or magic spell  
magic, thaumaturgy - any art that invokes supernatural powers
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Besides these, we had engaged three Mojo Indians from Bolivia, who are the most skilful at fishing and boat work of all the river tribes.
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La region de los mojos (nombre que se acuna por una de las etnias que habitaban ahi) se ubica en la cuenca del rio Madeira, uno de los afluentes mas grandes del Amazonas, ubicado en el departamento de Beni, la Bolivia oriental.
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Beginning with the October 2012 issue, MOJO, according to SCUP's website, will create "the opportunity for [participants to] engage in a social reading experience based on the journal's content," to interact with the articles' authors online and to read valuable knowledge shared by professionals in the higher ed community.
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In July 2011, I took the MOJO Lab to Johannesburg, South Africa, and put iPods in the hands of 10 HIV-positive gifts.
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"MoJo Risin' Double IPA is a souped-up, extreme version of MoJo India Pale Ale," said Tess McFadden, marketing director for Boulder Beer.
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