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1. Relating to or designating the molality of a solution.
2. Of or designating a solution that contains one mole of solute in 1 kilogram of solvent.


(Chemistry) chem of or consisting of a solution containing one mole of solute per thousand grams of solvent
[C20: from mole4 + -al1]


(ˈmoʊ ləl)

describing a solution containing one mole of solute per kilogram of solvent.
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Adj.1.molal - designating a solution containing one mole of solute per kilogram of solvent
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En este trabajo, se prepararon cinco solventes pseudobinarios (agua + [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]), con una concentracion en la escala molal respecto a la sal dada entre parentesis: I (0.2002 m), II (0.5998 m), III (0.9005 m), IV (1.2000 m) y V (1.6001 m), para ser mezclado con cantidades apropiadas de DL-Alanina.
Kirkham, "Theoretical prediction of the thermodynamic behavior of aqueous electrolytes at high pressures and temperatures; II, Debye-Huckel parameters for activity coefficients and relative partial molal properties," American Journal of Science, vol.
The formal concentrations of Cu and Cl are 1 molal, but since there were only one Cu and one Cl in the simulation box, there were no Cl-Cl or Cu-Cu interactions, which is consistent with the high dilution in vapors.
The total volume for lot 1 is approximately 1,820,000 molal per year.
The probability of forming even a single knot in organic polymers of similar molecular weight is <1, a consequence of both lower flexibility on a molecular level and higher free molal volume.
Shoumkova y Stoyanova (2013), usaron cenizas de carbon con un contenido en peso de 42% de SiO2 y 20% de Al2O3, para activacion hidrotermica con soluciones de NaOH y KOH, 1,6, 3,1, 6,2 y 12,5 molal, y usando proporciones de 10 g de cenizas por cada 100 mL de alcali.
where [V.sub.w] is the partial molal volume of water ([cm.sup.3] [mol.sup.-1]).
Wada, "On the relation between compressibility and molal volume of organic liquids," Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, vol.
In continental crust, mean Ge content is 1.4 ppm and mean Ge:Si molal [[micro]M/M] ratio of 1.7.
The heavy end fractions are important for oil characterization due to their high molal percentage and their strong impact on fluid characteristics (William, 1994).
The corresponding concentrations of the other solutions yielding the same [a.sub.w] were 1.067 molal potassium chloride solution, 0.967 molal sodium sulphate solution, 0.683 molal magnesium chloride solution, and 1.60 molal sucrose solution (ca., 35 wt%).
[M.sub.s] es la concentracion molal de la sal y [K.sub.s,i], se refiere al coeficiente de Setchenow, el cual depende del gas y de la sal.