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But the housemaid, too, served her term as model when Edna perceived that the young woman's back and shoulders were molded on classic lines, and that her hair, loosened from its confining cap, became an inspiration.
The child's features were well molded, and his frank, bright eyes gave an expression of boyish generosity to a face which otherwise would have been too arrogant and haughty for such a mere baby.
Serves as single source for development and execution of injection molded mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies, coordinating any project from concept to production.
* must allow any combination of mold sizes to be molded simultaneously with no set up changes;
Can be extruded, injection and blow molded. In extrusion, products reportedly allow control over plastication time and maximum torque, and reduce tack and improve gloss of finished goods.
Figure 4 shows the molded part surface between a normal hardened steel mold and the mold after treatment.
The part cannot be molded without the use of cores.
These gas defects in nobake molded castings arise from:
At the show, the machine molded 0.035-g connectors from LCP in four cavities with a 3.3-sec cycle.
Deflashing of molded products Alternative Flash, Inc.
The three generally recognized plaster mold processes are: conventional plaster molded castings; the Antioch process; and the foamed plaster process.
Current principles and techniques in the design of molds and molded parts design will be covered.