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adj. mold·i·er, mold·i·est
1. Covered with or containing mold: moldy bread.
2. Musty or stale, as from age or decay.

mold′i·ness n.


adj, moldier or moldiest
the US spelling of mouldy
ˈmoldiness n


(ˈmoʊl di)

adj. mold•i•er, mold•i•est.
1. overgrown or covered with mold.
2. musty, as from decay or age.
3. Informal. old-fashioned; outmoded.
mold′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.moldy - covered with or smelling of moldmoldy - covered with or smelling of mold; "moldy bread"; "a moldy (or musty) odor"
stale - lacking freshness, palatability, or showing deterioration from age; "stale bread"; "the beer was stale"


Smelling of mildew or decay:
곰팡 슨
bị mốc


عَفِن plesnivý muggen schimmelig μουχλιασμένος mohoso homeinen moisi pljesniv ammuffito かびた 곰팡 슨 schimmelig muggen spleśniały bolorento, embolorado заплесневелый möglig ซึ่งปกคลุมด้วยรา küflü bị mốc 发霉的
References in classic literature ?
I was shoved into a dark and narrow cell in a dungeon, with some scant remnants for dinner, some moldy straw for a bed, and no end of rats for company.
He paused a moment, letting his eyes drop from the muffled head of his guest, down along the row of moldy buttons confining the blanket overcoat, to the greenish cowhide boots powdered with snow, which had begun to melt and run along the floor in little rills.
Nothing else of interest was noted, excepting a suit of moldy and incongruous clothing, several articles of which were afterward identified by respectable witnesses as those in which certain deceased citizens of Deadman's had been buried years before.
I should plunge a good dagger into his throat in compensation for the grating, and would nail him down in a veritable bier, in remembrance of the false coffin in which I had been left to grow moldy for two days."
For the moldy dougan and expired ingredients, the Office of Food and Safety is fining the owner NT$60,000, while the Ministry of Labor is imposing a fine of NT$20,000 for incomplete attendance records, reported TVBS.
"Housing conditions at NYCHA remain a tenant's nightmare, with moldy units, holes in floors, and broken walls," Comptroller Stringer said.
Inhabitants of damp or moldy buildings have reported nonspecific symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, memory problems, nosebleed, body aches, and fevers.
"i love you more than moldy ham" is a squeaky, slimy, yucky version of the "I love you more than" rhyming stories often read to young children.
But by the next time I need it, it's always moldy or dried out and lumpy.
Double pass of the moldy Greek diplomacy, neighborhood players without borders of the Europeans from Brussels, Kostov writes.
After tenant Amanda Bonnen posted on her Twitter feed that her landlord Horizon Group Management "thinks it's OK" to sleep in a moldy apartment, Horizon sued her for defamation over the tweet.
Some moldy tomatoes in your pizza,ketchup, or pasta sauce are probably not going to kill anyone, but when tomatoes or tomato products get moldy at home, many consumers gag as they throw them away.