molecular beam

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molecular beam


molecular ray

(General Physics) physics a parallel beam of molecules that are at low pressure and suffer no interatomic or intermolecular collisions
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Contract Awarded for Ultra high vacuum molecular beam epitaxy thin film preparation system
Henniker Scientific's Veraspec range of Molecular Beam Gas Analyzers has been extended to meet the specific demands of reaction monitoring in pyrolysis and gasification research applications.
The plasma is sampled from atmospheric pressure through orifices separating three sequential stages of high pumping speed pressure reduction, forming the extracted sample into a molecular beam for undisturbed high-integrity transfer of the reactive gas-phase species through to the integrated mass spectrometer.
Molecular beam epitaxy; from research to mass production.
Molecular beam scattering techniques were used to investigate the adsorption dynamics of alkanes on single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) supported on silica (I).
The group has employed molecular beam epitaxy to create first a quantum dot structure made of InAs (indiaum arsenide)/GaAs (gallium arsenide) and then a metal mask with a 0.
Researchers use the laboratory's Stern-Gerlach molecular beam deflection apparatus.
is with molecular beam epitaxy, in which a very pure semiconductor is deposited in a slow, controlled fashion.
Contract notice: university of cologne - molecular beam epitaxy system.
They are available as a fully UHV-compatible bolt-on instrument or with application-matched single or compound molecular beam inlet pressure reduction stages, addressing a range of atomic and molecular studies.
scanning tunneling microscopy, molecular beam epitaxy, and atomic layer deposition; materials featuring conjugated polymers with multiple quantum dots; and proposed applications including optical interconnects in computers, solar energy conversion systems, and biomedical photonic devices using the self-organized lightwave network (SOLNET).

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