molecular formula

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molecular formula

A chemical formula that shows the number and kinds of atoms in a molecule.

molecular formula

(Chemistry) a chemical formula indicating the numbers and types of atoms in a molecule: H2SO4 is the molecular formula of sulphuric acid. Compare empirical formula, structural formula

molec′ular for′mula

a chemical formula that indicates the kind and number of atoms in a molecule of a compound.

mo·lec·u·lar formula

A chemical formula that shows the total number and kinds of atoms in a molecule, but not their structural arrangement. For example, the molecular formula of aspirin is C9H8O4. Compare structural formula.
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Noun1.molecular formula - a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weightmolecular formula - a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weight
chemical formula, formula - a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements
structural formula - an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule
formule moléculaire
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The mass spectra showed the molecular ion peak at m/z (323) which is in agreement with its molecular formula ([C.sub.17][H.sub.13][N.sub.3]S[O.sub.2]), Scheme 8.
The molecular formula was deduced by HR-EIMS showing molecular ion peak at m/z 314.11643 (calcd.
Each monograph has information on its names, category, molecular formula and weight, appearance, solubilities, and other chemistry, and methods, including the analytical system components, major operating parameters, standard solution and sample preparations, correlation coefficient and linearity, coefficient of variation of the assay, limit of detection and quantification, and interference.
Folic acid's molecular formula is C19, H19, N7, 06.
The numbers indicate the position in which the group is attached; the groups and molecular formula remain unchanged."
Next, tocopherols do have stereoisomers, which have the same molecular formula but differ configurationally based on the direction of the methyl groups at chiral carbon atoms, the isomers are designated 2R, 4'R, 8'R; 2S, 4'R, 8'R; 2RS, 4'R, 8'R; 2R, 4'RS, 8'RS; 2S, 4'RS, 8'RS and rotate polarized light to varying degrees.
For each entry the following date are provided when available: the DPIM code, hazard rating, entry name; CAS number; DOT identification number; molecular formula; molecular `weight; line structural formula; a description of the material and physical properties; and synonyms.
Or could it be a cluster having the molecular formula [Ti.sub.a][C.sub.b][H.sub.c]?
There is a "slim chance," he told SCIENCE NEWS, that the compound isolated from human plasma is not ouabain itself but an isomer -- a substance sharing the same molecular formula but varying slightly in its three-dimensional structure.
The high resolution mass spectrum (HRMS) indicated the molecular ion peak at m/z 398.11855 corresponding to the molecular formula C24H18N2O4 (calcd.
[ClickPress, Fri Apr 05 2019] "The general molecular formula of polyethylene glycol is H(OCH2CH2)nOH, where n is the number of ethylene glycol units present in the polyethylene glycol polymer.

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