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An substance or agent that kills mollusks.

mol·lus′ci·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.


(Chemistry) chem a preparation that kills molluscs
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Marrone Bio has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Solenis, a global expert in water treatment and process chemistries, to provide Zequanox molluscicide treatment programs for enclosed and semi-enclosed water systems in the U.
To combat the recent infestation in southern Florida (Miami area), government officials are applying molluscicide treatments.
CNSL has also been reported to have several medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antitumoral effects, in addition to indications as a molluscicide, fungicide and bactericide (Lomonaco et al.
Virginia devoted many years to the study of the latex and later to the "crown of Christ", from the family Euphorbiaceae, which presented a positive result as a molluscicide for the snail responsible in transmitting schistosomiasis.
TBTC is a potent algicide and molluscicide that was used in marine antifouling ship paints (Grun 2014).
The market is driven by factors such as increasing cultivation of horticulture crops, sudden influx of snails in new regions, and newly developed rain-fast characteristics of molluscicide products.
It acts as an insecticide and molluscicide to control lepidopterous pests, larvae, eggs, chewing and sucking insects, cotton bollworms and budworms, spreading baits for slugs and snails, Coleopterous and some Hemipterous insect pests.
Speaking to Gulf News, Gubran emphasised that Strychnine is a pesticide that has been banned by the Ministry of Environment and Water, while Metaldehyde is a restricted molluscicide -- not pesticide -- that is used against slugs, snails and other gastropod pests.
Prevalence of Lymnea snails in Lahore District and their eradication by a molluscicide, copper sulphate.
Environmental Protection Agency as an algicide and molluscicide.
Extracts from the root have been used as a molluscicide.