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 (mŏl′ē-kŏd′l) mol·ly·cod·dled, mol·ly·cod·dling, mol·ly·cod·dles
To be overprotective and indulgent toward. See Synonyms at pamper.
A person, especially a man or a boy, who is pampered and overprotected.

[molly, milksop (from Molly, nickname for Mary) + coddle.]

mol′ly·cod′dler n.


censorious the act of treating with indulgent care or pampering


[ˈmɒlɪˌkɒdlɪŋ] Nmimo m
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But I have seen families who have ruined their kids due to this, 'mollycoddling'!
As it is, our image abroad is hardly anything to be proud about and here we are mollycoddling criminals who have tarnished an image that already lies in tatters.
Stop the mollycoddling!" (Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start, BBC2, Wednesday).
Enough of the mollycoddling and throw the book at them.
Parents mollycoddling them by taking them to school in their cars in case they get tired legs from walking, or heaven forbid it could rain and they would get wet.
The Warrington inquest heard Mrs Underwood, who ran a tattoo parlour in Padgate, Cheshire, suffered panic attacks and split with her partner over her mollycoddling of Brandon.
According to experts, 'Mollycoddling' and 'helicopter' parenting may leave primary school children poorly behaved and ill-prepared for real life, reported the Independent.
And it's not mollycoddling to allow similar smoking rights as they would have at home.
Jason Ewings from Tavistock, Devon, says: Wild flowers are used to looking after themselves so they don't need mollycoddling.
But minutes before the screening in London's Leicester Square on Monday night the actor and comedian tweeted saying he felt unwell and needed mollycoddling.
We're mollycoddling them so much that we're in danger of creating a generation that can't cope with the real world.
A SENIOR Teesside magistrate Mr Charles Sage said on announcing his retirement from the local bench, "There is too much mollycoddling of juvenile offenders, far too many excuses are made.