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(Elements & Compounds) a salt or ester of a molybdic acid
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(məˈlɪb deɪt)

a salt of any molybdic acid.
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First, [Ag.sub.2]Mo[O.sub.4] crystals were prepared by the co-precipitation method at room temperature from an aqueous solution of molybdate (VI) sodium dihydrate ([Na.sub.2]Mo[O.sub.4] x 2[H.sub.2]O) (99% purity, SigmaAldrich) and silver nitrate (99% purity, Aldrich).
* PR104 Molybdate Orange*encapsulated Yellow, Buff & Brown
As shown in Figure 1, in the (HFO Blend)/POE system, the change in lubricant color indicative of lubricant decomposition was not observed at the low as well as high concentration in the control and in twelve chemicals (including polyoxyethylene nonylphenyl ether, propylene glycol, sodium gluconate, EDTA, iron (III) phosphate dihydrate, sodium molybdate, sodium paratoluene sulfonate, potassium hydrogen fluoride, trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium carbonate, neodecanoic acid, and ferric chloride), while five chemicals (benzotriazole, ethanolamine, chloroparaffin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, and sodium palmitate) showed color changes at both concentrations.
The treatments consisted of five doses of molybdenum (Mo), utilizing as source the Sodium Molybdate ([Na.sub.2]Mo[O.sub.4]) (solution 127g.[L.sup.-1]).
The molybdate solution was then mixed with the previous solution and stirred again for 10 min at 87AdegC.
The chemical inducers considered in this case are Manganese sulphate, Magnesium sulphate, Ferric chloride, Sodium Molybdate and Calcium chloride which are applied.
The factors corresponded to the absence and presence of Azospirillum brasilense, Rhizobium tropici and N (30 kg [ha.sup.-1] of N) and five Mo doses (0; 7.5; 15.0; 22.5 and 30.0 g [ha.sup.-1]), using urea (45% of N) and ammonium molybdate (54% of Mo) as sources of N and Mo, respectively.
Lastly, the company offers a variety of Kemgard molybdate flame retardants and smoke suppressants.
Based on these rules, we propose assignment of the 273 [cm.sup.-1] band to T' ([Na.sup.+]) modes, those at 119 and 124 [cm.sup.-1] to L(Mo[O.sub.4]) modes, and the remaining bands in the 138-199 [cm.sup.-1] range to the coupled modes involving translational motions of the molybdate, potassium, and copper ions.
A 0.68 M solution of ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate (Sigma-Aldrich 277908) was prepared in a mixture of distilled water and dimethylformamide in a ratio of 5:1, respectively.
Six packets of the consignment contained solid sodium molybdate, a white color material that is widely used in medical industries and agriculture industries for as a fertilizer.